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1. October 2022 to 31. March 2023


Babbel Language Courses

Course Type: e-Training
Target Group: Professors, postdoctoral researchers, doctoral researchers
We will offer this service from 15 December 2022. Please contact us again in December if you are interested in using Babbel.
Babbel is an e-learning platform for web-based learning of various foreign languages. Users are offered courses on grammar and vocabulary with the help of short topic blocks to teach reading, writing, listening comprehension and speaking in the selected foreign language. A placement test can be used to determine the current language level. Different levels of difficulty enable the current personal language skills to be gradually increased. Through the additional use via app, Babbel offers a wide scope for self-determined learning.
Find  out more about the various language courses on the Babbel homepage and then register by mail to: asd-etrainings@uni.kn.
Please note: access to Babbel is available to you for 3 months. During this period you may pick up as many languages as you like from the Babbel spectrum.
The registration is free of charge for you.