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Sciencepreneur Compact: Design Thinking

3. March 2023, 9:00 to 17:00


Sciencepreneur Compact: Design Thinking

Course Type: Online-Workshop
Target Group: Doctoral researchers, postdoctoral researchers
In cooperation with the Start-up Centre of the University of Konstanz (Kilometer1) and Young Entrepreneus in Science.
Design thinking is a systematic approach to solving complex problems from all areas of life. In contrast to many other approaches in science and practice, which approach a task focusing on technical feasibility, design thinking puts user wishes and needs as well as user-oriented invention at the center of the process.
Design thinkers look at a problem through the user’s eyes and thus put themselves in the role of the user.
This workshop offers a hands-on introduction to user-centered methods of idea development and idea implementation.
Course Content:
  • Working on a Design Thinking Challenge in Teams
  • Problem Understanding: Empathy & User Research
  • Generating & Selecting Ideas
  • Exploring Brainstorming Methods
  • Building Prototypes in Teams
  • Learning about Testing & Iteration

The workshop is an invitation to experiment. No prior knowledge is needed.
The workshop can be credited towards the ASD certificate “Leadership, Management, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer Certificate” in module IV (8 AE). If you have any questions concerning the certificate, please contact Melanie Moosbuchner (

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Registration deadline: February 3, 2023