19. to 20. January 2022


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Time- and Self-Management for Researchers

Course Type: Online-Workshop
Target Group: Doctoral researchers, Postdoctoral researchers
PhD students and postdocs need to advance their research while also managing many other tasks, like teaching, supervising, or doing admin work. PhD students and postdocs also work in a highly autonomous work environment. It takes good time- and self-management skills to excel in such an environment. This workshop offers different methods and strategies to help you build the required skills to make optimal use of your available time and make efficient progress towards your goals. Key topics we will consider include how to focus upon important goals, how to stick to priorities in the face of conflicting demands, how to set-up routines for highly focused work and how our mindset influences our productivity. In addition, we will also reflect upon structures in our motivational system and how to use them to our advantage and learn an effective method for implementing behavioral change.

Contents in brief:

- Time-management

- Focusing on the right goals

- Saying no and defending boundaries

- Routines for highly focused work

- Pragmatism & perfectionism

- Self-management

- Motivational drivers

- Implementing behavioral change


Counting towards the "Leadership, Management, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer Certificate": Module IV (8 AE).