14. to 28. September 2022


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Successful Leadership in Academia

Course Type: Online-Workshop
Target Group: Doctoral Researchers, Postdoctoral researchers
Future (group) leaders in academia are faced with the double challenge of assuming responsibility for employees and projects for the first time and at the same time developing an individual understanding of leadership.
The workshop will first address key questions of this process, e.g. What are the (specific) requirements for leadership in scientific institutions? Which leadership styles exist?
What is my personal understanding of leadership? How much do I want to/have to/can I lead?
The workshop offers space for reflection on the participants' own experiences and questions, looks at professional communication, presents tools for the guidance and further development of employees, and provides initial impulses for dealing with conflicts. Leadership approaches in sandwich positions and/or in lateral contexts will also be discussed.
Contents in brief:
Module 1: Leadership basics
  • - Operational and strategic dimensions of leadership
  • - How to find my role(s) as a (group) leader in academia
  • - Leadership styles and decision making
Module 2: Communication and motivation
  • - Professional communication
  • - Feedback, appreciation and criticism
  • - Motivation
  • - Delegation
Module 3: Group dynamics and conflicts
  • - Dynamics in research groups and teams
Counting towards the “Leadership, Management, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer Certificate”: Module I (16 AE).

Dr Neela Enke

Biologist; coach, mediator and trainer for scientists of different qualification levels, for teams, as well as for managers and non-scientific employees of universities and research institutions. Many years of experience as a scientist in various European research institutions. Focus areas: Career development, leadership skills, team leadership, diversity and conflict management.