Efficient and Effective - Mastering Academic Writing Skills in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Course Type: Workshop
Target Group: Doctoral students from the Humanities and Social Sciences
On the basis of the conference abstract, one of the most challenging academic genres, the course participants will reflect upon their writing habits and ideas. While writing an abstract in response to a conference call for papers, they learn about new strategies in order to make their academic writing more efficient and effective. Discussions about rules, conventions and possibilities for creativity enable the participants to become more flexible and confident writers who are able to adapt their writing competencies to various academic genres – from abstracts to research articles to thesis chapters – and to different contexts and audiences.
Peer feedback on their drafts allows the participants both to reflect the feedback process and improve their writing. Since time management is an indispensable part of a successful writing process, the workshop will also offer strategies and exercises on how to best organise one’s writing habits.